Friday 18 March 2011

Beauty for Oldies

And another Good Morning to you! This again will be a bit of a hectic day, so that I decided to present you with other people's wisdom, rather than mine.

Yesterday I had to be rather glamorous for Red Nose Day and I dared a make-up with a lot of silvery greens and dark eyebrows. I think it worked rather well with the dark top hat, but was utterly scary without it.

So today I have a photo shoot and I am after dark and moody. Hmmm?!? Will have to see how that goes.

What I found on my quest for inspiration were videos containing make-up advice from Lisa Eldridge who is a professional make-up artist. I think she is brilliant and she is somebody who eventually addresses the matter of older skin and slipping eyelids.

So here are the links to her work:
Lisa Eldridge: Anti Ageing Make-up tips - Foundation - Concealer - Powder - Blush
Lisa Eldridge: Anti Ageing Make-up tips - Eyes - Brows - Lips

Gotta crack on now collecting my clothes and props.
Have a fantastic weekend, and don't be dull!

Ta ta