Thursday 5 May 2011

'Cool Dude' clothes for the elderly

We all have complained about the fashion industry not catering for the still young 40+ lady. One either becomes laughing stock featuring the 'I'm desperately young look' wearing teenage clothing, or is doomed to follow the silver poodle approach displaying dignity grey perm, and pale blue floral skirt with differently floral knitted top, we might get away with purple during days we feel adventurous. The only way out seems to be 'American high society' featuring the business suit for work, and shift dress with pearl necklace for the rest of it. I now decided to go for the laughing stock version but raised it to a different level in recruiting my wardrobe mainly in the goth shops of Camden Market. The trick lies in not to be bothered about what the others think. It's cheap, it can be dolled up and toned down, and most importantly: It's a lot of fun!

Now it turns out that men have the same problem. This half decade between 45 and 50 seems to be a crucial period which determines future style and hubby was determined to not give in to a future with a belt line lies above the bellybutton, pyjama striped shirts, and pink polo shirts for the adventurous days.

Jeans wise he always was a Levi's man clinging to the good old 501 baggy ones. Gentlemen, give the boot cut a try or even a slim line, they are cut quite comfortably these days and the materials are better balanced. It makes a hell of a difference. And then the question of shirts. Oh my goodness.... so much lumberjack and surf (the equivalent of beach holiday for ladies) going on. But there are gems around. Check out Zara and River Island for guys - Yes! There is a Zara for guys. And the catalog for shirts even shows the different versions how shirts are supposed to be worn these days. BTW: Great source for leather jackets is 187 Portobello Road, London

And there is good news for bodybuilding ladies featuring round rear, big legs and strong arms.  GAP guys and Zara men have small sizes in their range and the latter use stretchy materials. I eventually found shorts (GAP) and blouses/shirts (Zara) that fit me. Perfect for my jungle trip, and they look better on me. Ha!