Wednesday 17 November 2010

Update on waxing

26th December 2007

Follow-up on 'From Fluff to Buff'

Well, initially I wanted to wait with a further comment until the 3 waxing sessions are over, but I think I already came to a conclusion, now that the 2nd session has been done.
For starters: The waxing sessions are just fine, Bikini line is still a bit ouch, but the second time round the skin was less itchy and the knowledge about what to expect definitely does help. It is as if it releases tension from the skin and the hair is released easier. Additionally I got me some Aloe Vera gel what helps soothing. So on the 2nd day after treatment the skin was spotless.

The Verdict
I love the smoothness. There is no shaving that comes close to it. With dark hair and fair skin eventually all the shadows are gone: Definitely want that!
I love the not having to bother. I now realise how much time I need for shaving. Definitely want that!
It is not as expensive as I would have thought. £25 (legs and bikini) every 6 weeks seems ok to me.

It is said that one has 3 weeks of smooth bliss. Well, it might be just me, but after 2 weeks I get the first shadows and some ingrowth, especially on the bikini line. So for me it's:
  • 2 weeks of bliss,
  • 1 week during which I just get away with it in the open,
  • 1 week during which hubby still gets to see me, and then
  • 2 weeks of fur ball horror.
I expect that further sessions might make the hair look more faint, so that the 'hubby gets to see me' phase will extend towards the end of the 6 weeks, but given that I do a lot of sport, hang around in changing rooms - see comment below - and like to go to the steam room after work-outs: I don't think that's gonna work for me!

However, I'm sure that waxing is perfect for people who are more fair haired and probably have less than me anyway, and who don't have their lifestyle preference on sport, or sport where one tends to expose those particular body parts.
It is definitley worthwhile to time it for holidays or special occasions. I'm looking forward to my smooth legs on the beach - YaY!

But definitely look for an experienced waxer. The more broken hair the higher the risk of ingrowth especially around the bikini line (for some reason hair is particularly stubborn there, hence the more 'ouch!').

Further Plans
I'm determined now to explore the laser treatment option. Definitely not cheap, definitely not painless! However, I read a bit about it and found that I may be a perfect candidate. The bigger the contrast between skin and hair colour the better the results. Not working at all on grey! So I should hurry to find out before it's too late. Ladies, I'm telling ya, old age is trying hard to catch up on me. Well, so far I could out-smart it!

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